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Partners in Possibility offers a broad range of the top assessments tools to clients:

Executive Foundation Assessment

An executive's strength (and ultimately his/her success) is based on the quality of his/her executive foundation: the essential skills that reflect many of the attributes of a successful senior leader. Each coaching engagement starts with the participant taking the 50 question Executive Foundation assessment, which covers key areas of visioning, aligning, planning, executing and developing people. Upon completion of this assessment, working with a coach, the participant will identify his/her strengths, create a learning plan, and begin work on the targeted skills areas.

360 Feedback

If you are looking to improve employee performance, but are not sure where to start, 360 Feedback is a way to focus your efforts. Today leaders, executives and managers are changing the way they receive feedback in order to improve the quality of the information. Traditional supervisor-based assessments are being replaced with assessments that seek feedback from multiple sources familiar with an individual's work behaviors, skills and competencies. These multi-source assessments tap into the collective wisdom of your peers, direct reports, and internal and external customers to provide you with an understanding of their strengths and areas for development.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

In today's complex work environment, where there are often cross-functional teams working on a variety of projects, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator supports optimal results by helping team members understand themselves and other team members. Myers-Briggs assesses the individual's natural styles for learning, working, communicating and making decisions. Awareness of one's own strengths and styles, as well as those of other team members, allows for the most productive use of time and resources.

Print Assessment for Teams or Individuals

The Print Assessment Survey is a practical, on-line survey that can be answered in about 20 minutes.

It has remarkable depth and bottom-line impact that helps people better understand themselves and their motivations, their relationships, their clients and customers, and the organizational culture in which they work.

Effective and successful leaders and business owners are always striving to better understand themselves, their strengths and challenges, their filters and blind spots. When you know someone's unconscious motivator, you know what drives them. The Print Assessment Survey provides a system and strategies for productivity and satisfaction.

With the Print Assessment, you will receive the on-line assessment questions, a report on the findings , and a one-hour interpretation/coaching session on the results.

Self Assessments

A variety of self-administered assessments to increase self-awareness and aid in goal setting are available in the following areas:

  • Leadership Styles
  • Values
  • Communication

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