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Executive Think Time
by Ellen Fredericks and Val Williams

Based on the powerful coaching program delivered to hundreds of executives in America's top corporations, Executive Think Time: Thinking That Gets Results is a must for any executive's professional library!

The Executive Think Time® model is designed to help you increase, structure, and optimize essential strategic think time that will get you out of the details and back in touch with the bigger picture. Using 4 simple steps, you will take your thinking to a higher and broader level. With Executive Think Time®, you will discover how to slow down, be less reactive, be more productive, and feel more prepared, especially about the future.

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Executive Foundation
by Ellen Fredericks and Val Williams

Executive Foundation: 5 Essential Skills for Senior Leaders is based on the "Executive Foundation" module of the powerful Executive Think Time® program. Designed for new, seasoned, or aspiring executives to assess and improve the strength of their own Executive Foundation: the essential skills that make a successful senior leader. How satisfied are you with your own Executive Foundation? Take the Executive Foundation Assessment to find out!

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From Cross Purposes,
by Emilio DeLia and Ellen Fredericks

From Cross Purposes to Cooperation: The Ten Factors that Unify a Cross-Functional Team will show you how to unify your team and improve your performance and results.

Is your team struggling and working at cross purposes?

Cross-functional teams can deliver results that teams in “business as usual” mode cannot. Even so, many disappoint because they fail to manage the unique complexities of cross-functional teams. Through the Top Ten Unity Factors you create an action plan to capitalize on what is working and improve what is not. It’s simple and practical. As a result your team performance and results will soar.

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All the problems in the world are caused by seeing issues as unrelated and unconnected. "One" turns that on its head to present a challenging new paradigm - one that sets humankind up to deliver on its true potential.

Are you ready for the ultimate journey of self actualization? Are you ready to unleash the power of your true potential on the world?

To find out more visit www.theoneperspective.com

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