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I’m back!

“I am a CEO of a major non-profit organization, and I was extremely irritated when the Chairman of the Board suggested I find a career coach. He was concerned about high staff turnover and felt that I was a micromanager. I felt he didn’t “get it” and just had an issue with me.

I called colleagues and explained my plight. There were mixed review of coaches; some said coaching was the best experience of their lives, while others said it was a big waste of money. A former boss suggested I call Ellen – he’d had great success working with her.

I met Ellen in person and we entered into a coaching relationship. My defenses were definitely up in the beginning. I had minimal expectations about this relationship. Looking back now, I think I was at an all-time career low. I had no confidence, and was beaten up too many times and had shut down. I wasn’t even myself anymore. But soon after entering into regular dialogue with Ellen, she suggested I let go of some of the issues I had, and just see where coaching could take me. I slowly surrendered all my misgivings and plunged in.

I’m so glad I did.

Ellen has become an integral part of my professional life. She’s a trusted sounding board, a good and thoughtful listener, and totally non-judgmental. Ellen taps into her own corporate experience and I know she “gets it.” She has given me practical tools that I keep on my desk to help me on a daily basis. Ellen reaffirms the good things I do, and gives me guidance and direction in areas that are not perfect. She taught me that there is no right or wrong – just better. My interactions with the Board, my colleagues and my staff have significantly improved.

What’s more, I’ve regained my confidence. I didn’t realize how much I had lost. But now it’s back, and so am I, thanks to Ellen.”

From “Class Clown” to Respected Leader.

“I worked up through the ranks and now I am the CFO of my company.

It was brought to my attention that in my new role I needed to act in a more professional manner than I was accustomed to. An individual in my parent company had been coached by Ellen and he suggested I work with her to improve my “image” and, thus, my effectiveness.

I admit I can have somewhat of a “goofy” personality, and often was caught daydreaming in meetings, losing my focus, and cracking jokes. And I wasn’t the most organized person either.

Ellen taught me very specific techniques that improved my effectiveness in meetings almost immediately. She also provided me with tips on how to stay organized which are simple to use. I’m much more self-aware than I’d been in the past.

People’s perceptions of me have really changed for the better. The Chairman of the Board told me I had undergone a metamorphosis.

Now that I have people’s perceptions of me under control, Ellen is working with me on my leadership challenges: how to set goals, and how to create and facilitate a vision for my company.

It’s been a real positive experience to work with Ellen. Her coaching has moved this class clown to the head of the class.”

Unhappy in career, then laid off.

"I was unhappy in my career. And then I got laid off. I knew I had to have a plan; knew I had to make some changes. But I did not know where to start.

Ellen's coaching made it easier to me to create a plan that is helping me move forward. She helps me keep momentum, even when times get challenging. I've learned to look at things differently, experiment a little more. You know, get out of my comfort zone!

I entered into the coaching relationship kind of expecting that I would create a tangible plan to help me move forward in my life. I got that. But I got so much more! Ellen has helped me see that I can create outcomes for myself, in business and in my personal life. The spillover into my personal life has been a great help.

After I speak with Ellen, I feel energized, but in a "calm" way. Ellen makes every coaching session productive."

When is a team not a team?

“I left one company and landed in another. It wasn’t a smooth landing. I had been brought in at a much higher level – about three levels higher - than I had been at, had to re-build and manage a team, and the company I joined was in distress. The company depended on us for its success. My confidence was plummeting. Based on a referral, I called Ellen to help me and to help my team.

I met with Ellen and detailed my issues. Ellen quickly grasped my concerns. One of my biggest breakthroughs has been in the area of communication. Ellen guided (and continues to guide) me through nuances of communicating with my team, my peers, and my boss, who all have different styles and “languages.” I asked Ellen to meet with my team and conduct some assessments in the hopes that we could become stronger.

The truth is, the team I was managing wasn’t really a “team.” It was a group of people that I either inherited or brought in that all reported to me. Once we completed the assessments, our differences were in black and white. But Ellen helped us garner the strength of these differences and show how much more powerful we could be if we embraced these differences. Through our sessions, we learned not only how best to communicate with each other, but what each person’s special talents were. My team and I realized how complex teamwork really is, and how incredibly important it is to work at it. It was truly motivating for all of us to morph from a group to a team. I thank Ellen for having the clarity to see what I needed to do to help set my team up for continued success.”

Wanted to change jobs. Wanted a raise. Got both, and more. Now my boss wants a raise, too!

"I was looking for some assistance for changing jobs within my company. Ellen partnered with me to help me clarify my goals, and I was able to land the perfect job. What's more, since working with Ellen, my performance ratings have been tops. I'm now seen as a role model in my organization.

I decided that I wanted to make more money. Ellen helped me put together a logical plan that I was able to review with my boss. Long story short, he agreed. And he said I did not use any chips! That I had presented a reasonable and persuasive argument and that it made perfect sense to him.

And the funny part is, he commented that I got him thinking about asking for a raise, too!"

Business in turmoil. No one looking out for me!

"Things are crazy at my company. You can best describe it as turmoil. Not a place where employee career planning is a #1 priority. No one ever had a discussion with me about my goals. No one ever worked on a career plan with me.

My company offered traditional training classes, but I decided I needed a much more personalized approach. My manager agreed. I hired Ellen to be my coach.

Ellen helped me make some decisions about my career and about my life - ones I would not have made on my own. She gave me a sense of my own ability, and with that, I was able to identify the decisions I needed to make in my life. Now I know what I want and why I want it. And I feel good about it.

Now I am in a job that's more in line with what I like to do. I'm happier because I am doing something I like. I have become a role model in my group, and have achieved high performance scores. My boss and others have commented on the positive outcomes of my coaching relationship vis-à-vis outcomes they have seen from more traditional training classes.

But the unexpected part of my story is the waterfall effect it's had on others in my life. I am "coaching" a lot of my staff using the principles Ellen has taught me. I know I am a better manager than I was before. I have been told that I have changed people's lives for the better. And everyone at home is happier, too! "

New company, new role, new team, new culture. And the old me.

"I accepted an executive position at a major corporation, in charge of over 300 Information Technology and Billing Managers. This was a switch for me, as I was accustomed to dealing with Marketing and Sales Managers. I quickly realized that my new group had different ways of working and different motivations than previous groups I had worked with. Things were moving quickly. And that I had to accelerate my learning curve so that we could all be successful.

I expected that through coaching I was going to get help around a specific technique or some programmable skill so that I could help our team achieve its goals. I soon realized this was not a "One-Minute Manager" experience. This was a more tailored experience. Ellen helped me step outside of myself, identify my skills and help me realize how I could leverage them to my new situation.

I'm so grateful for Ellen's help. She helped me lead my team to great success and me to a personally satisfying learning experience - one that will stay with me for the rest of my life."

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