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Coaching Programs

Coaching is a personalized process of discovery, development and growth that enhances your ability to learn, make desired changes, and achieve goals faster than you could on your own. By exploring business and sometimes personal issues in a framework that is future focused and action oriented, a coach uncovers hidden beliefs and assumptions that may be limiting your possibilities and thereby, your success.

Simply stated, we are your partners in achieving the business and personal goals that are most important to you. The added benefit is that we see and want more for you than you can see for yourself.

Partners in Possibility offers several coaching programs designed to guide motivated individuals to the next level of success.

These programs are supported as needed by a wide range of assessment tools for you and your team.

Programs for Leaders:

  • Executive Think Time
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Leading Change
  • Communications Mastery for Leaders
  • Designing and Achieving Breakthrough Results

Special Programs:

  • Team Building – improve your business results by building a high performing team. Reassess and share the mission of your organization. Exercises, simulations and group dynamic games can be utilized to enhance team performance.
  • Organizational Development – improve employee, team and/or company’s performance. Enhance your organization’s effectiveness by focusing on strategic planning, organizational design, process management, leadership development, coaching/mentoring, diversity and work/life balance.
  • Career Navigation – to help optimize your career planning. Topics include assessment of your current position (as applicable), managing your team and/or boss, how to make a job change (internal or external), industries and companies to target, cover letters and resume writing/revisions, how to search for a job in the online world, networking, interview techniques, how to decide if a new job is right for you.
  • Time Management – to teach you specific skills that will help you work smarter, not harder. Identify and focus on the activities that give you the greatest returns, learn how to prioritize, schedule, and set realistic goals.
  • Public Speaking and Engagement – to enhance your communication effectiveness. Topics include controlling anxiety, preparation, audience management, and developing your personal speaking style.
  • Presentation Writing Skills – to ensure your content is complete, understood and interesting. Help you organize your thoughts, craft a strong presentation with a logical flow, utilize visuals effectively and learn persuasive techniques to help get the commitment you want.

Executive Coaching

The executive coaching program is for individuals who are at the top of their organizations and are looking for an objective partner who can offer an unbiased, trained viewpoint to assist them in accelerating and achieving their business results.

Executive coaching provides you with the safety to speak freely through conversations that will expand your personal awareness and executive presence and create new ways of thinking to achieve desired outcomes. You must be willing to try out different ways of thinking and experiment with new behaviors and actions. Through weekly confidential coaching sessions by telephone or in-person, you can address issues and concerns relevant in today's business environment including:

  • creating a compelling vision and momentum that attracts and generates strong performance
  • building an organization and culture to support their vision, standards of excellence and values
  • mastering the design and generation of breakthrough results
  • full authentic self-expression as a leader
  • thinking beyond self-imposed or corporate/organizational culture beliefs and limitations

Performance Coaching

Are you are looking to take your individual performance and productivity to the next level? To increase your value to your company or within your industry? This may mean greater job accountability, a promotion, making more money, achieving better results, turning around a struggling project, accomplishing more but working less or enhancing key skills, like leadership or communication. Have you been told to improve your management skills in a certain way, but you are not sure where to begin? Or do you just need a change?

Performance Coaching is designed for middle and senior managers to achieve their full potential by focusing on what's most important to make their careers and jobs more satisfying and fulfilling.

Performance Coaching generally begins with a one-on-one meeting with a coach; subsequent sessions are held over the telephone at pre-arranged times.

Team Coaching

If you want to shift a working group to a high performing team, Team Coaching is the perfect solution. Through bi-weekly or monthly sessions either in-person or by telephone, Team Coaching can improve your team's ability to achieve results faster, move through roadblocks, align on strategies and enhance communication effectiveness.

Contact us today to explore how coaching can open up new possibilities for you!


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